Just As Predicted

Just As Predicted

At the end of last December, I made ten predictions for 2018. Two interrelated predictions were that (a) the U.S. economy would grow at a 4.0% pace and (b) short-term interest rates would top 2.0%. Both of these trends are well underway, leading to new opportunities that we’ve not seen in years.

Ever since the 2008 financial crisis, the economic recovery progressed at an anemic rate, leaving interest income at historic lows.

That is until 2017.

Just As Predicted

With the economy improving, short-term rates going up, and public entities’ cash levels on the rise, the elements for a strong second half of 2018—and into 2019—look extremely positive.

I predict short-term rates will hit 3.0% in 2019. This will yield incredible results for those entities that are proactively managing all their cash as an asset. However, it will cost more when borrowing for gap funding or capital projects.

I cannot bang the table hard enough to get our message out: Cash is an asset and, with a stronger economy, public entities and higher Ed institutions have an incredible opportunity to put their cash to work. Done right, it can lead to hundreds of thousands—or even millions—of dollars in new revenue from everyday cash.

At three+one, our liquidity analyses and ongoing data are pure and independent. Our message has been consistent throughout: Cash should be viewed as a revenue-generating asset that will lead to significant levels of additional income to your bottom-line. Since we are not a bank, financial advisors, or registered investment advisors, we serve no other interests than those of our clients.

This growth opportunity is happening just as I had predicted. It is now incumbent on you to take the first step to take full advantage of it. If you haven’t already begun the process, now’s the time. For those who are already using cash to its fullest, you will continue to be very pleased with the increases to your bottom line this year and the next.

Taxation, Finance & Budgets

Taxation, Finance & Budgets

A recent commissioned survey* reported that local public entities view taxation, finance, and budgets as their most important and pressing priorities. In simple terms, it all comes down to MONEY. The need to have enough money to meet public services, programs, and infrastructure needs requires levying taxes, managing budgets, and balancing finances.

Taxation, Finance & Budgets

Whatever the case may be, the need to produce and manage cash is a critical function for operating, non-operating, and capital planning.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, one opportunity available to an entity’s finance department to produce a new source of income is through the proper management of its cash.

With finance as a top priority, the need to maximize the value of all cash should be front and center. Just imagine the dramatic effect a five-, six-, or even seven-figure increase in interest income would have in managing your taxes, finances, and future budgeting.

Let me be direct: threeplusone can help your entity proactively manage your liquidity, leading to tens, hundreds, and even millions of dollars in new interest income. And leading to lower taxes, stronger finances, and a simpler budgeting process.

If taxation, finance, and budgeting are top priorities for you, now is the time to proactively manage all your cash—with threeplusone helping ensure your success.

*Route Fifty’s research arm, Government Business Council (GBC), conducted an in-depth study on the priorities of city- and county-level government employees, including a large number of senior staff with collaboration and support from the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Priority One…

Priority One…

“Those we serve” should be the number one priority and top of mind for all of us in the public or higherEd marketplace.

The need to be innovative—with fewer resources and tighter budgets—puts an enormous amount of strain on everyone involved with finances.

Priority One...

I often detect a greater concern over a vendor’s interests. You needn’t worry; vendors know how to protect their own business interests. I offer this advice as a business owner, public official, and as a former bank market president.

In today’s marketplace, finding additional sources of revenue should be the primary goal in serving public and/or higherEd entities.

By having proactive conversations with your vendors, the ability to better address your expectations or improve pricing will likely occur. If not, a Request for Proposal may be necessary. Please note that if a RFP is in required, it must reflect goals going forward, not take a back-dated approach.

At threeplusone, our mission is to drive innovation and technology, generating new sources of income and savings to the marketplace. As a result, you will see us consistently advocating for what is right for public and higher Ed entities—and for those they serve.

$17,316,609 and Counting

$17,316,609 and Counting

That’s the amount of interest earnings public entities and higher Ed institutions have realized on dollars threeplusone has identified as “low- or non-performing” cash. Bear in mind, that’s from cash that would have likely sat dormant because our clients hadn’t seen its earning potential.

We’re proving, time and again, that “idle” cash should be seen as an asset, able to earn substantial interest income that will make its way back to taxpayers, rate payers, and students. Truly a “win-win.”

$17,316,609 and Counting

It is important to remember that threeplusone is not a bank or Register Investment Advisor (RIA). We perform independent, pure liquidity analyses that capture the marketplace value of all cash—cash that otherwise would go undetected and unutilized. Combine the power of threeplusone’s data analytics with the services of your financial institution(s), and you can see incredible results—even into the millions of dollars.

The team at threeplusone fully expects to help public entities and higher Ed institutions realize over $50 million in new interest earnings in 2019. We’ll be doing that using the very principles that we put to work over 25 years ago, with unwavering success.

Our Market: public entities, higher Ed institutions, and healthcare firms.

Our Vision: threeplusone will be the leader in delivering high-quality liquidity analyses and data to our market.

Our Mission: threeplusone will drive innovation and technology that will generate new sources of income and savings to our market.

Our Passion: threeplusone strives to identify all cash as a revenue-generating asset that otherwise would remain non-performing or under-performing.

As we’ve always seen it, the difference cash can make in the marketplace can have a major impact on communities, organizations, and institutions. The numbers are growing well into the millions, leading our clients to realize substantial gains from a source they never thought possible.

There’s never been a better time to take a fresh look at what cash can mean to your bottom line.