Providing Solutions vs. Product Sales

Providing Solutions vs. Product Sales

It’s Wednesday.  You feel tired, stressed, and you have a sales team waiting outside your door to pitch the latest product they have to offer.  As you meet, you see their lips move but you’re not listening because it is a product pitch not a solution to a problem or stress in the office.
Providing Solutions vs. Product Sales

In today’s public and higher Ed marketplace, the strains on a finance office continue to grow with less resources to alleviate the stress.  Instead of just another product sale, the focus by those who serve you should be solutions-based that reduce pain points while adding value to your organization and the bottom line.

There are three steps to providing a solution to address pain:

1.) Identifying the stress. This means taking the time to listen and understand the pain points.

2.) Formulating and implementing a tailored solution.

3.) Monitoring the success of solution(s) to make certain the pain point has been alleviated.

Too many times pain points are overlooked, and a product is just thrown against the wall to see what sticks, only to create another stressor and not a solution.

At threeplusone®our mission is to understand the needs and vulnerabilities of a public or higherEd entity and provide a solution to resolve any pain points.  We listen, identify, and implement solutions that remove the source of stress to provide ease and comfort.  We are solely a solution-based provider with no self-serving products to sell.  Our interests dovetail with yours.  Through our data platforms, threeplusone®can see what others overlook and then craft unique solutions, resulting in new sources of revenue and less amounts of work and stress.

Products have a place in the public and higher Ed marketplace, but only after they have been identified as a solution to the real problem.

Time Horizon = More Money

Time Horizon = More Money

Time has worth. Time-horizon data are what makes cash worth more in the marketplace. The ability to know how soon you need cash and how long you don’t need it at the ready, is the very foundation of liquidity analysis.

Whether short-term rates continue to move up or flatten out, the ability to time the flows of your cash is a speciality that has its rewards in today’s marketplace, with rates floating at 2.25%+.

The need to keep cash handy to pay a “maybe” vendor bill is no longer a sound strategy. Rather, using historical “ebbs and flows” allow an entity to take advantage of the marketplace rates going forward. Some may consider this cash-flow management. At threeplusone, we see it differently. To us, it’s liquidity management.

Capturing higher rates and maintaining it is all about understanding the time-horizon concept.

One might say, “had I only known.” That no longer has to be the case. By using time-horizon data, one can look forward and map out a strategy to manage all cash, both short or long term. Using this data can lead to six-figure (or greater) increases in interest earnings.

At threeplusone, we have been recognized as the pioneers of liquidity analysis for public and higher Ed entities. We have developed proprietary algorithms that design time horizons around all levels of cash, enabling our clients to understand the value of their cash in marketplace, while adhering to all legal, safety, and liquidity requirements.

The time has come to make more on your cash by applying our liquidity analysis principles. You’ll be thrilled with the results!

Making a $100 Million Difference

Making a $100 Million Difference

The most important resolution for threeplusone® in 2019 will be to make a difference for the public entities and higher Ed institutions we serve.

Making a $100 Million Difference

This year, we’ll strive to help such entities across America generate over $100 million in new interest income as a result of our working with them. These are new dollars that would not have been realized were it not for threeplusone’s liquidity analysis and data services being applied in identifying all cash as a revenue-generating asset.

This difference can mean so much and do good for those who public entities and higher Ed institutions serve.

So what are these differences, you may ask? Just consider a potential top 10:

• Lowering taxes or tuition costs
• Filling a budget gap
• New capital purchases
• A new playground
• New emergency vehicles
• New hires
• Additional police or firefighters
• Reducing OPEB obligations
• New technology purchases/enhanced infrastructure
• Covering the increase costs of healthcare

These are changes that can come by making all your cash work harder than ever in the interest of those you serve.

It is the mission, passion, and moral obligation of the threeplusone team to make a difference to those who serve in public entities and higher education and, in turn, to those they serve.

One thing is clear: $100 million can make a real difference in 2019. The money is there to be realized, especially for your entity and community.

The Analytics Revolution

The Analytics Revolution

The Information Age and resulting new technologies have led to a a paradigm shift in the way the world makes decisions. Look no further than professional sports to see how the approach to formulating strategies has changed.

The Analytics Revolution


Coaches, who in the past defended their most important decisions using factors like “gut feeling” and “momentum,” are now making calls based on the probability of winning games according to the data. Analytics gives these leaders the opportunity to completely remove emotions from the situation and take an unbiased approach based on the numbers. The underlying statistics have always been there but now, thanks to technology, they have easy and virtually unlimited access to them.

Modernized treasury management within public entities and higher Ed sectors is no different. Cash can be spread out across many accounts at multiple institutions all earning different yields. Combine this with restrictions or limits on withdrawals and required balances, and one’s cash management picture can be a lot more complex.

Treasury officers are eager to get their hands on data and analysis from one central location that enables them to feel both comfortable and confident when making their cash-management decisions. Analytics makes it possible to maximize the potential of public funds without sacrificing safety or liquidity—and save valuable time during the decision-making process.

This type of information and analysis can include time-horizon data, effective rates for all entity funds across different providers, current market rates, and much more. Finance officials who collaborate with threeplusone have this data at their fingertips; that gives them the ability to maximize taxpayer dollars like never before.

Much like coaches in professional sports, finance officials are accountable to a large group of constituents who will not hesitate to voice their opinions if the results are not in line with their expectations.Having the data in hand and an appropriate application of analytics that backs up your decisions can be the difference maker in getting your finance office the hard-earned recognition it deserves!

Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

The marketplace is already reflecting the Federal Reserve’s anticipated moves to raise the Fed’s fund rates in the first quarter of 2018 by .25%, with two or three more rates increases likely by year-end.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to have the earning on your cash reflect these rising rates?

As interest rates rise, the increase in interest earnings can be significant to your entity—and those you serve will be the beneficiaries. As mentioned in our past blogs, the rate of return on your cash will be 2.0% or greater by year-end. This amount can mean tens to hundreds of thousand of additional dollars to your bottom line.

My message is direct: “All cash is an asset, and it has value in the marketplace.” Its value is more than it was last year and it will continue to have greater value as interest rates rise.

At three+one, our liquidity analysis can identify all cash that is not likely evident to the naked eye. We enable you to capture all levels of cash and provide you with a time horizon that will duly match its value in the marketplace. You can then use our data with your financial providers to capture a higher yield, all within your legal, safety, and liquidity requirements.

Don’t leave any money on the table. With our help, you can ensure your entity and those it serves fully reap the benefits of a rising-rate environment.