Are You Truly Protected? Part 2/2

Are You Truly Protected? Part 2/2

Last week, I told you about one of the biggest worries facing the banking world today: Identifying fraud and protecting clients from it!

Today we will look at measures you, as a public entity or higher Ed institution, can take to ensure that you’re protected from fraud or scams in the transfer or payment of your monies by phone, email, check, or online. Here are a few tips:

Are You Truly Protected?

1.) Have a conversation with your bank(s) on what fraud protection services they offer and to what level you are protected.

2.) Establish “Positive Pay” or “Payee Positive Pay” on each account that issues checks. Under this protection, your bank will ask you to verify the authenticity of a check before a check is paid out. Establish ACH blocks and filters on all appropriate accounts.

3.) Embrace new banking technology like electronic banking and purchasing cards.

4.) Be observant! Keep in mind, just like a common cold, fraud and viruses are looming and waiting for the right time to hit you. Don’t get caught off-guard.

5.) Train your full staff on a regular basis. Tell them to be suspicious of emails, phone calls that seem normal, and checks and wire transactions that appear standard—they could be fraudulent.

6.) Finally, trust your gut and those that work for you. Encourage them to ask questions, no matter how obvious or simple they may seem.

Every dollar you protect is one less dollar that is at risk to your entity.

At three+one, we can help you create the right mix of fraud-protection services for your entity and help you with those conversations with your bank. Our interest is wholly that of your entity and those you serve.


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Ten Reasons Why…

Ten Reasons Why…


Ten Reasons Why...

If your entity is not already making use of all its cash—and earning 1.0% or more in interest—let me share ten reasons why it makes sense to act now:

1.) To offer your taxpayers no tax increase—or even lower taxes.

2.) To help offset losses in the deduction of income and property taxes under the new tax reform law.

3.) To provide pay raises for your staff.

4.) To enable adding personnel to your police and/or emergency services departments.

5.) To fund the salary of one or more teachers or professors.

6.) To help offset likely increases in medical insurance premiums.

7.) To purchase previously unaffordable new technology.

8.) To cover unexpected budget expenses.

9.) To establish or add to reserve funds for future needs or projects.

10.) To fund high-efficiency equipment for your facilities that will provide additional savings or increased revenue.

We are at a crossroads as we see continually higher interest rates, possibly reaching 2.0% by year-end. If you do nothing, be prepared to explain yourself when your constituents ask “Why not?”

At three+one, we can help you take a proactive approach in making the most of higher rates through our proprietary liquidity analyses and data models. We are not a bank or a Registered Investment Advisor; our interests are solely those of your entity and your stakeholders.

The reasons are clear. Cash is a valuable asset that can make all the difference in meeting your budget goals—in 2018 and beyond.

Bravo Genesee County

Bravo Genesee County

Not only did Genesee County, New York (with an annual budget of approximately $145 million) earn the highest initial cashVest® score three+one® has ever given (89), but County Treasurer Scott German, has become known for making interest earnings a top priority on the county’s cash. When three+one started serving Genesee County, its interest earnings from September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016 were $190,070—and its effective yield on all funds was 0.34%.

As of November 30, 2017, the county’s interest earnings YTD totaled $319,784 and its effective yield on all funds was over 1.00%.

Here are a few ways they did it:

1. We altered the county’s operating cash structure to ensure more cash was providing value to the county. Liquidity proficiency became important as rates increased and the county optimized its ability to take advantage of greater yield without sacrificing liquidity.

Bravo Genesee County

2. We identified how to recognize the marketplace value on every dollar on deposit based on the county’s specific time horizon of its funds. Treasurer German’s priority was to ensure every tax dollar was earning at its maximum rate potential.

Bravo Genesee County

3. We worked together to improve the allocation of the county’s operating cash deposits by identifying where low- and non-performing cash could become a revenue-generating asset for the county.

Bravo Genesee County

The public finance officials we serve tell us they will be making interest earnings a priority in 2018. If you would like to speak to Treasurer German, he invites your correspondence via phone at (585) 344-2550, ext. 2210, or via email at

2018 Is The Year Of…


The year 2018 will be the one when cash will be recognized as an asset with great value.

 Banking Trends Predictions News 2018 Is The Year Of...

As the new tax reform law takes hold I predict a stronger economy, higher short-term interest rates, and greater value placed on all cash.

My message is simple: Cash will have added value that can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue for public entities and higher Ed institutions like yours in 2018.

As public officials, we all have fiduciary responsibilities in the management of all funds on behalf of our tax- and ratepayers. Given the current interest-rate environment and abiding to the pillars of public funds management—safety, legal liquidity, and yield—we must take a closer look at the real value of cash. Today’s cash has a daily minimum value of 1.0%, but I believe the overall yearly value of cash could reach 2.0% or greater by year-end.

The team at three+one can help you realize the value of your cash through your financial institutions.

We are not a bank, financial advisor, or register investment advisor. Rather, we are an independent liquidity analysis and data management firm that provides a pure, agnostic, and independent perspective on all operating and non-operating cash. These data can be used by an entity and its financial institutions to gain higher rates on all available cash.

Throughout 2018, we will be sharing nationwide success stories of public entities and higher Ed institutions that have embraced a proactive approach in managing their cash—and have proven that it has great value.

Happy New Year from three+one!


Hope you have a wonderful 2018!