Can an entity be financially prepared for the unexpected disruption of its operations due to a natural disaster or another unfortunate occurrence?

The answer is clearly “Yes.”

What's Next? Part II

In last week’s bog, I described my latest visit to our nation’s capital. I noted the strong sense of accomplishment by federal officials, acknowledging the well-coordinated efforts of local, state, and federal responders to communities affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Now with all the media attention down to a whisper, one might ask “what’s next ” for those still-reeling communities.

The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) serves as the primary federal agency in the management of emergency assistance to local communities. Their process can take countless months to years for reimbursements, involve mounds of paperwork, multiple levels of approvals, and frustrating bureaucratic roadblocks at every stage.

At three+one we can help serve public entities and higherEd institutions at two levels:

First, our liquidity analysis and data will can factor in the “unexpected” for liquidity proposes when preparing your cash flow forecasting. Our independent perspective considers various stress levels to assure you that cash would be available when necessary, while also providing your financial institutions the data they need to balance between available cash and investments.

Second, our liquidity data can be used to project the “what ifs” in case of unforeseen disruptions. This information can help an entity like yours prepare before and assist during and after a disruption in operations.

A coordinated between you, your financial institutions, and three+one can lead to a seamless process with liquidity when needed—without jeopardizing safety or yield.

“What’s next” pertains to all public and private entities and can be unsettling. But, with the right help and strategy, they can become a normal process in your cash flow and liquidity planning.


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