rfpPrep® by three+one®

In considering a finance RFP, it is essential for your entity to have a forward-thinking document reflecting both your present and the future needs. three+one’s rfpPrep® streamlines what can be a difficult and tedious manual procurement effort into a smooth, hassle-free tool.


+ why rfpPrep®?

rfpPrep® by three+one® is the first-ever digital RFP (Request for Proposal) for Banking, Investment, Merchant & E-Payments. Accessed through our portal at rfp-prep.com, the service is entirely online and specifically designed for public and Higher Ed. institutions to facilitate the bidding of banking services. rfpPrep® simplifies the banking jargon and complex pricing models used in the traditional RFP process, allowing you to compare each response on an “apples-to-apples” basis. rfpPrep® is fully automated but still fosters a tailored approach that guarantees an error-free and fair-bidding process.


rfpPrep® by three+one® can reduce the time of the RFP process by 75%

Your time will be freed up to focus on the right banking relationship rather than tedious comparative pricing & confusing disclaimers through reams of paper.

+ going through the RFP process?

With rfpPrep® by three+one®, each entity receives a custom-tailored liquidity analysis that is then included in your RFP. rfpPrep® provides a comprehensive response analysis for easy side-by-side services and pricing comparisons, allowing you to determine the best financial services for your entity.

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