It’s Real Money

| February 14, 2017

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Consider these annual increases to one’s bottom line: +$325,000, +$750,000, and + $1,100,000.

 It's Real Money

These levels of added income are “real money” that our clients have experienced—without jeopardizing any legal, safety, or liquidity requirements.

Short-term interest rates are moving up and smarter public entities and Higher Ed institutions are taking advantage of this trend. And they’re bringing new levels of income to their bottom lines.

These surprising new levels of income can:

1) Range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars and more. This is “real money” and it cannot be ignored.

2) Enable you to:

Subsidize upcoming budgets and capital projects

Supplement shortfalls in sales tax revenue

Supply employees with cost-of-living increases

Cover the cost of adding new teachers and/or programs

Subsidize tuition discounts or cost-of-living increases.

Since 2008, finding new sources of income has become tough. All the more reason to employ innovative and alternative methods to capture more income.

Using our proprietary cashVest® liquidity analysis, three+one can help you realize new levels of added income. Our data provide the basis to identify time value and marketplace worth on all your operating and non-operating cash.

Our data analysis can be a valuable tool that you and your financial partners can use to develop a successful liquidity strategy—and bring in “real money” that you never thought was out there.

For your sake and that of your employees, students, and/or taxpayers, this is something you mustn’t ignore.

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