Education finance demands liquidity analysis designed for its specific cash flow structure. cashVest® by three+one® provides exactly that.

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Higher-Ed Liquidity Disclosure

Since January 2019, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) requires all non-profit organizations to disclose liquidity levels to cover expenditures on an annual basis. three+one’s® proprietary report provides an extensive liquidity analysis. This is inclusive of factors in the stress level of a Higher-Ed institution’s current cash obligations and future commitments.

Our higherEd Trust® financial analysis system is able to foresee unexpected cash needs and strains and can prepare entities to handle them well in advance along with being a tool to use with your auditors to substantiate your FASB liquidity disclosures requirements.

As a leader in education, Dr. Ralph Kuncl faces the same budgetary and operation tests you do. But armed with cashVest® data, our team has the answer key.

K-12 Districts

Liquidity data management requires a comprehensive solution as diverse as a public school district’s curricula. Imagine trying to provide elementary, secondary, and special education without support from faculty. While your board and finance officials remain responsible for every child’s academic career, so too must you adhere to your fiduciary responsibilities. This stretch of personnel often taxes resources, figuratively and literally.

With the aid of our cashVest® platform, the financial decisions can be made confidently knowing data and our team’s expertise is on your side.

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