Good, Better, or Best

| April 3, 2018

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What kind of banking relationship would like to have: good, better, or best?

The decision is yours to make.

Good, Better, or Best

In today’s banking environment, the way you bank and with whom is changing. The idea of a bank on every corner is fading, but having a bank icon on your computer is more the norm.

As technology advances and access to banking becomes more and more an online approach, banking will continually offer options well beyond town, city, or county lines. Having a bank that’s tailored to your needs and one with greater touch points will determine what level of banking you are truly receiving.

Here are a few tips in achieving the best level in your banking relationships:

Do not limit your banking options to those that are solely within your community. If you do, you may find that one day you’ll have only one bank left to respond to your needs or banking RFPs. That can lead to higher fees and much lower bank deposit rates.

By having a greater number of banks compete for your business, the better are your chances to lower banking fees and earn higher bank deposit rates.

You should still expect in-person meetings with your banker. The more personal your communications, the better your banking relationship.

Mandate that any bank you agree to work with will offer online banking services, 12-month banking and analysis statements, and a strong fraud-protection policy.

Develop and have in place an electronic banking policy. Today’s banking is conducted more “online” than “in branch.”

A good or better banking relationship means you are getting what you expect.

At three+one, we can help you drive the best possible banking options with policies in place that will lead to the best banking relationship.

That is what you deserve.

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