The Devil’s in the Details

| January 7, 2020

With cashvest®, you’ll realize the true value of your cash. And that will have you coming back for more. Just like Chef Carl’s unforgettable deviled eggs.

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Deviled eggs are deviled eggs, right? Well not until you taste the deviled eggs prepared by Rochester executive sous chef Carl Cubiotti. The moment your senses kick in and you see, smell, and taste something so very incredible, you won’t be able to stop with just one. They are truly an extraordinary appetizer.

I share this short story because it relates to cash. Most define cash as money that’s great to set aside. They appreciate the fact they have it and want to keep it handy in case the need arises.

However, once finance officials put cashvest® to work, they’ll have a whole new appreciation for the value of cash and the revenue this asset can generate. Once they experience this new flow of revenue, they can’t stop there.

As we enter a new year, the ability to proactively manage your entity’s cash should be seen as a priority. Every single dollar you oversee should be earning marketplace rates. Many financial officials tend to read the second half of the previous sentence – ‘earning marketplace rates’ – and tell themselves, yes, we’re doing that, but they overlook the first words: ‘Every single dollar.’  Understand, cashvest® is a fintech tool that provides actionable data on every single dollar and transaction of each of your accounts to maximize your financial resources.  In the past, this technology simply did not exist, and this operation was virtually impossible to conduct.   

This is a good time to have a conversation with your banker(s). With cashvest®’s liquidity analysis and data tools, the time value of all cash will give you and your bank(s) the confidence to take advantage of the short-term rates.

Yes, the devil truly is in the details. Over the last 12 months, three+one® has developed an innovative liquidity forward forecast model with over 95% accuracy of what cash you need and when you’d need it. As a result, all cash will be generating revenue and be available when you actually need it—not when you think you may need it.

With the help and guidance of cashvest®, you’ll finally be able to realize the true value of all your cash. And that will have you coming back for more and more.

Just like Chef Carl’s unforgettable deviled eggs.

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