Timeout With Leaders: Celebrating Employees

| October 26, 2021

Listen as our CEO, Joe Rulison, joins the Timeout With Leaders podcast to chat about everything from founding three+one, celebrating employees, overcoming personal challenges, superheroes, and how his dog, Eddie, has a celebrity following. It's fun, informative & just what you need to inspire your inner leader.

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Our co-founder and CEO, Joe Rulison, was invited to speak with two of Rochester’s rising stars, Kevyn Rustici and Tyler White, for their podcast “Timeout With Leaders.” During this presentation, Joe shared something only those closest to him were aware of when he began building three+one nationwide with his partner, Peter Forsgren. In the course of the interview, we learned everything from Joe’s favorite superhero to how his puppy became famous overnight: “Eddie the River Golden Doodle.”

You won’t want to miss this. You’ll learn more about Joe and why we’re so proud of our CEO and his incredible journey!


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