Waiting For Interest Rates To Rise Before Investing Cash Is A Flawed Strategy.

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If you are responsible for the depositing and investing of public funds, the sooner you put that cash to work earning interest, the higher your net earnings will be.  Public entities have more available cash on deposit right now than they have ever had.  Tens of billions of dollars are sitting in zero-or-low-interest checking accounts earning almost nothing because CFO’s are reluctant to commit cash to fixed-income time deposits such as CDs or T-bills while rates are still rising.  They hesitate to commit funds at 1.00% or 1.25% when they think interest rates could be 2.0% or even higher by the end of 2022.

three+one Liquidity Data Rising Interest RatesBut that is a flawed strategy.  Investing public funds is a bit like climbing a staircase. The preferred method is a series of stable, steady, upward progressions that eventually result in us safely arriving at our goal at the next higher level. You wouldn’t even consider standing still at the bottom of the staircase and waiting to somehow magically jump to the top step in one giant leap. Investing of public funds requires almost exactly that same thought process. It is a series of safe, dependable, laddered investments that take into consideration the factors of, “how much”, for “how long”, and then searching for the most advantageous interest rates.

Now is precisely the time to take that first step.  three+one’s cashVest platform is far and away the most efficient, effective, and powerful tool to help you manage your liquidity.  Counties, cities, and universities from all across the United States have successfully used our platform to generate $1 BILLION in revenues using a step-by-step process.  If your municipality isn’t using cashVest – they may be left standing at the bottom of the staircase looking up.

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