Colby Wenk: Interning At three+one

| September 6, 2022

Intern Colby Wenk shares his perspective on three+one working with public sector entities to maximize the value of their cash & benefit stakeholders.

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Hello. My name is Colby Wenk, and this summer I had the great opportunity to intern at three+one. Walking in on my first day, I didn’t know what to expect. Liquidity management? Stress testing? How does all this stuff work? Slowly but surely, the great team at three+one taught me the ins and outs of cashVest®, data gathering, and how different kinds of analyses could be used to help public entities strategize their financial plans.

The more I learned about the work done here in Rochester, the more my eyes were opened to the reality that the cashVest system and the three+one team are truly focused on helping their clients. As this reality came to fruition, the work I did felt more and more impactful; I was no longer doing analyses because I was told that’s what we do here, I was now coming to work to help public entities across the country.

I couldn’t be more thankful for the outstanding team at three+one for how welcoming they were, right from my first day in the office. While I learned many technical skills, I learned even more about how to thrive in a healthy workplace and collaborate on meaningful projects.

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