cashVest 90+ score- How transparency can inform you and your stakeholders

| September 13, 2022

The cashVest® award signifies excellence in the implementation and management of all liquidity in the public and higher Ed marketplace.

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A question we get asked frequently is “What is your cashVest® 90+ award and what does it mean?”

cashvest scoreThe cashVest® award signifies excellence in the implementation and management of all liquidity in the public and higher Ed marketplace. This award is not based on what the marketplace is paying for cash, but rather how a public entity or higher Ed institution operates within five distinct qualifying areas described below.

To qualify for this award an entity must have received a cashVest score of 90 or above for four consecutive quarters and keep a cashVest Score above 90 to remain in the 90s+ Club.

The five distinct qualifying areas of a cashVest Score are:

% of available funds providing value: This section measures the percentage of your funds that provide value either through interest or offsetting fees.

Liquidity Proficiency (highest weighted category): three+one developed a proprietary calculation to measure your liquidity proficiency.  We calculate your recommended strategic liquidity – how much cash you have and how you can use time horizon data to identify what you can invest and for how long. This measures how much more or less liquid your cash is relative to what the appropriate liquidity levels should be.

Warnick Rate Indicator: Measures the rate on all cash earning interest and the rate on the total average cash balances (non-interest and interest-bearing) and then compares those returns to the market benchmarks.

Cashflow Optimization: Reviews an entity’s banking structure and measures how efficient it is to optimize savings & earning potential.

Investment Policy: Reviews your investment policy as compared to state law and your peers and identifies if all of the recommended elements exist.

Hear the importance of the award from, CEO/Executive Director of NACo, Matt Chase:

“We congratulate the recipients of the cashVest 90s+ Award,” said National Association of Counties CEO Matthew Chase. “This select group of award winners has demonstrated outstanding leadership in liquidity management. We applaud these public finance leaders for helping to maximize the value of taxpayer dollars, optimize cash flow, lower borrowing costs and strengthen protections for public resources.”

We look forward to sharing the winners of this prestigious award in the coming weeks.

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