three+one has helped our clients earn more than $750 million in new, previously untapped revenues because they listen to—and trust—us.

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Experienced public-sector treasurers, finance directors, and municipal CFOs know that increasing non-tax revenues is the most effective tool at their disposal to help reduce the financial burden on their taxpayers.  The number one way to do that is by maximizing the interest earnings on the funds they have on deposit in their accounts. After all, every dollar earned in interest by your public entity is one less dollar that needs to come from taxpayers.

cashVest Are You Listening?three+one® is the nation’s leader at helping public entities make the most of the cash that they have on deposit.  We’re not a bank, and we don’t compete with the banks you are currently using. What we are is the country’s leading financial technology company specializing in liquidity analysis, future cash forecasting, and interest-rate benchmarking. We serve counties, towns, cities, school districts and higher Ed institutions, public authorities, hospitals—virtually all public entities.

So why are they listening to us? Because we:

  • Regularly monitor their liquidity levels to determine how much cash is available.
  • Then we accurately project how long those funds will remain on deposit.
  • Finally, we search out the highest interest rates being offered by all local and regional banks for things like CDs, T-bills, CDARS, money-market funds, municipal pools, etc.

The result? Public CFOs have the critical data they need to make optimal decisions about cash management and time-deposit investments. And, thanks to our secure online portal, they also have the tools at hand to keep track of those funds. The resulting increase in revenues will not only far exceed our modest annual subscription fee (we guarantee it!), but will also add hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars to your public entity’s bottom line.

Need proof? three+one has helped its clients earn more than $750 million in new, previously untapped revenues. Because our clients listen to—and trust—us, they regularly see their budgeted interest earnings multiply by a factor of five, ten, or sometimes even more.

Why not give us a call? We think you’ll like what we have to say.

Prior to joining three+one, the author served for 24 years as a county chief financial officer responsible for managing and investing public funds, and for 20 years as a county budget officer. He can be reached by phone at 585-484-0311, ext. 709 or by email at

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