3 Powerful Financial Forces Now Joining Together

| October 25, 2022

2023 may present the biggest opportunity for public entities to use their own resources to fund programs without additional tax dollars.

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Why 2023 May Be the Biggest Opportunity Of All Time For Public Entities.

2023 may present the biggest opportunity ever for public entities to use their own resources to fund government programs without needing additional tax dollars to do it.

cashvest by three+one Data. Not Opinions.Powerful force #1 is the extraordinary levels of liquidity now on deposit in municipal coffers as a result of the infusion of federal ARPA funds during 2021 and 2022, combined with the positive impact that higher prices for consumer goods is having on sales-tax revenues.  Public treasuries today have historic, unprecedented levels of cash now sitting in their bank accounts.

Powerful force #2 is sharply higher interest rates as a result of actions by the Federal Reserve over the past several months.  Higher rates, combined with extraordinary levels of available funds on deposit, make for a unique opportunity for municipalities to use their existing resources to generate unmatched levels of interest earnings and revenues to fund government operations.

Powerful force #3 is the advances in technology that now allow us to measure overall liquidity across multiple banks and dozens of separate accounts, enabling us to determine how much surplus cash is available to be put to work.  When combined with the highly accurate future cash forecasts that can be produced by that same innovative technology, the data can tell us precisely how long that cash should remain on deposit until it will be needed.

The result? Public entities are able to benefit from the combination of these three powerful forces in order to generate unheard-of levels of interest earnings and non-tax revenues. Sound easy?  It is, once you put the power of cashVest® from three+one to work for your municipality’s finance office. Our technology has added hundreds of millions of dollars in new, previously untapped revenues into municipal operating accounts and fund balances.

Why not check us out at www.threeplusone.us and harness all the power of cashVest® for yourself?

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