Cashvest Score

During the month of January, three+one is publishing a five-week Winter Blog Series to discuss the five different categories of our cashVest® score. Every three+one liquidity analysis includes a cashVest score to establish a baseline going forward. It has been demonstrated, time and again, that if an entity follows our recommendations in each of the five categories, and a higher cashVest score is achieved, the more money an entity will earn on their low- and non-performing cash.

This week will highlight our third category:

The Warnick Rate Indicator®:

The Warnick Rate Indicator®

The Warnick Rate Indicator (WRI) is named after Tom Warnick, an innovative and progressive county treasurer. In his role as Wayne County (NY) Treasurer, Tom strives to invest every dollar of cash held by his county in the most profitable ways possible.

In addition to seeing his funds are fully invested, Tom routinely uses three+one liquidity analyses to determine the time value of Wayne County’s funds. The WRI allows him to compare the rate his cash is earning compared to the potential rate his funds might earn in the marketplace.

In doing so, Tom has been able to actively manage funds that had been earning lower rates. He has been able to increase earnings by over nine times the previous value of funds. Significantly, he has achieved these results without jeopardizing any legal, safety, and/or liquidity requirements set by Wayne County and the State of New York.

As a result of Tom’s success with our liquidity analyses, three+one created the WRI. We then began using it with public-sector entities and Higher Ed institutions across the country, helping them determine the level of funds that they should invest with their bank or Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). The more information and data we can provide an entity the greater the return they can expect on their low- and/or non-performing funds.

By following the principles of the Warnick Rate Indicator, entities are likely to gain tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in new income each year.

Achieving five stars in the WRI means that an entity is maximizing the use of 95 to 100% of its funds, thus receiving the highest level of earnings available in the marketplace—and is still meeting its legal, safety, and/or liquidity requirements.

For more information on cashVest and the Warnick Rate Indicator, please visit our website: