Are you thinking about issuing a banking RFP? Have you been frustrated with the laborious and demanding RFP process of the past? 

Maria Walls rfpPreprfpPrep® is an innovative online tool by three+one® that simplifies banking jargon, digitizes the paper-intensive process, collaborates with your current procurement team, and provides an easy comparative matrix to make your selection straightforward and transparent

rfpPrep® issues and evaluates all kinds of Banking and Investment Services RFPs. Accessed through our portal at, this service is specifically designed for public, non-profit, and Higher Ed entities to facilitate a more effective, less-time intensive, and fair-bidding process. With the passage of the American Rescue Plan, liquidity management through new Banking and Investment Services RFPs has become a greater focus for public entities. 

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Testimonial: Maria Walls, Treasurer of Beaufort County, SC 

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