Our team at three+one® is very proud to learn of the selection of Maria Walls, Treasurer of Beaufort County, SC, as a recipient of the 2020 National Association of Counties (NACo) National Achievement Award in Financial Management.

In the development of her award-winning, countywide financial-management initiative, Treasurer Walls utilized cashvest® by three+one® liquidity analysis services to maximize investment opportunities for public dollars under the management of her office. As a result of putting all available cash to work, rather than letting it sit idle in reserve, Beaufort County realized over $8 million in new income, increasing investment returns over 1100%, while saving significant taxpayer dollars in reduced fees.

Prior to her relationship with three+one, Beaufort County had relied on a financial advisor for its investment decisions for over 25 years. Once elected to public office, Maria began wondering if that was truly the most efficient model; those investment decisions had been based on estimates and institutional knowledge, rather than the intensive analysis of financial data.

By partnering with three+one—and harnessing the reliable, expert data supplied by cashvest—Maria Walls’ finance department had an easily managed program that advised them when cash needed to be liquid—and when it could be put to work generating new revenue. She was especially pleased that this responsible investment policy was in full accordance with state and federal guidelines.

Congratulating this year’s Achievement Award recipients, NACo President Mary Ann Borgeson said of Beaufort County, “We are seeing firsthand—now more than ever—that counties work tirelessly to support its residents. This year’s Achievement Award-winning programs showcase how counties build healthy, safe, and vibrant communities across America.”

We beam with pride for Treasurer Maria Walls, a leader in her community and a champion to her county’s taxpayers.

Our company’s innovative, data-driven solutions have gone a long way to help Beaufort County. As we all drive forward on the Pathway to Recovery®, three+one® stands ready to help public entities of all sizes do more with less in these fiscally challenging times.