ARP Funds: Allowable Uses Part 1

ARP Funds: Allowable Uses Part 1

With the infusion of ARP money into your entity’s finances, it is vital that the rules, and more importantly, the allowable uses of those funds are made clear so that you and your public entity can maximize the value of every single dollar.

View Part 1 of our resource video on those allowable uses today, as we prepare to issue Part 2 with additional information.


The video chapters within this resource have been provided for ease of finding the right guidance on the right topic.

  • Chapter 1: Allowed Use #1: Public Health Expenses
  • Chapter 2: Allowed Use #2: Negative Economic Impacts
  • Chapter 3: Allowed Use #3: Revenue Loss
  • Chapter 4: ARP Pool Benchmark Calculation
  • Chapter 5: Exceptions to Allowed Use #3
  • Chapter 6: three+one Is An Allowable Use


2021 cashvest® National Leadership Award

2021 cashvest® National Leadership Award

It is our pleasure to announce that Beaufort County, SC Treasurer Maria Walls, CPA, has been chosen as the 2021 recipient of the cashvest® National Leadership Award.

This prestigious award acknowledges the leadership that Maria has demonstrated, both statewide and nationally, in establishing and practicing the highest possible standards of financial governance and liquidity management.

Maria Walls cashvest three+one Leadership Award

Pictured: Joe Rulison, CEO, and Co-Founder of three+one®; Bill Jasien, Executive Chairman of NACo-FSC; and award recipient Maria Walls.

Maria is a leading advocate for the implementation of best practices in both identifying and managing all cash as a revenue-generating asset. Maria’s implementation of liquidity and treasury data has made her a national leader in the area of cash management. Some examples of her accomplishments are:

Harnessing the power of three+one®’s rfpPrep® software; she issued an RFP for banking services. The digital evaluation of respondents helped her identify which financial partner was best for the taxpayers. Her role in executing the RFP process led to saving hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars and adding new efficiencies to the County’s financial portfolio.

– Maria leveraged the liquidity data resources of stress testing, forward forecasting, and market benchmarking to maximize the value of every single dollar.

– She used cashvest technology to certify—as an independent third party—that Beaufort County’s performance over the previous nine consecutive quarters placed it in the top 10% of counties nationwide.

The results Maria has achieved on behalf of the taxpayers in Beaufort County have been truly amazing, resulting in more than $15 million in new revenues, combined with significant cost savings for her county.

In addition to earning the 2021 cashvest National Leadership Award, Maria’s efforts enabled Beaufort County to qualify for the elite cashvest 90+ club for the second year in a row, in recognition of its exceptional work in liquidity management. Treasurer Walls has had 9 consecutive quarters with a cashvest Score above 90.

Maria, congratulations on having earned this distinguished 2021 cashvest award.

Ease the Burden with FinTech

Ease the Burden with FinTech

The expectation that government entities face in constantly providing more with less is real. We understand that a public entity like yours is always under pressure to make community improvements and drive economic development—all while working with budgets that never seem to cover the costs.

three+one Municipal Liquidity ManagementThe team at three+one truly understands your operational frustrations. Our innovative Fintech services exist to offset your stresses, while providing the peace of mind that you’re getting the most out of every dollar that flows through your office.

Let us show you how our liquidity data solutions will help your entity generate new sources of revenue, making your projects easier on all concerned.


cashvest® On the Road: NYSAC 2021

cashvest® On the Road: NYSAC 2021

three+one® was honored to spend time with county officials from across the state of New York at the 2021 NYSAC Fall Seminar in beautiful Syracuse, NY. While there, we had the chance to engage with many NYSAC members, truly listen & better understand the challenges faced by local communities.

We also had the great opportunity to sit down with our current partners in Allegany, Livingston & Chautauqua Counties who shared with us on film their experience with three+one® and the benefits realized by utilizing our cashvest® platform. We look forward to sharing those videos resources soon so you can hear first-hand from your peers.

We feel privileged knowing that our liquidity tools are mitigating the frustrations so many public finance offices face in meeting their ongoing cash-management challenges. Like your public service colleagues in New York, you and your entity can benefit significantly from our proven 6-step Pathway to Recovery®.

Take the 1st Step

Pathway to Recovery

Data Makes a Great Story

Data Makes a Great Story

You may recognize these building blocks from the floor of your child’s playroom or classroom.  While we didn’t create the popular social media post or the impressive array in the above illustration, we are staunch advocates of the message it conveys.

Much like the pile of jumbled blocks at the upper left, data that is disorganized and lacks proper management can be a nuisance to any finance office. Data and information like this will surely cause more harm and headaches than good.

Data management and analysis requires two core competencies: (1) a strategy and (2) technology.

Your finance officials should set clear goals on what they hope to achieve with liquidity data, such as stress-testing, forecasting, and benchmarking. Once clear objectives are established, the only thing keeping you from new earnings and savings is the technology needed to take massive amounts of raw data and build actionable visualizations.

Looking at raw transaction and bank fee data can cause more pain than accidentally stepping on one of these building blocks. cashvest® was designed to alleviate these pressures and give your office new tools to build for the future.

Use Interest on ARP Funds to Your Advantage

Use Interest on ARP Funds to Your Advantage

With the infusion of ARP money into your entity’s finances, it is key to know your municipality is allowed to earn interest on every dollar for every single day those funds remain on deposit. And better yet – your municipality gets to keep that revenue!