Controlling Time

One of the most precious assets we have, both personally and professionally, is time.

Your need for more time is sometimes in your control and, at others, out of your control.

When it’s in your control, do you take advantage of it? When it’s out of your control, is there anything that can be done to prepare for “just in case” situations?

The ability to predict the value of time related to cash can be in your control, either at your hands or someone else’s. However, all too many times, the safety valve for many of us is to just leave the cash on the sidelines for those “what-if” circumstances. When that’s the case, while you may think you’re controlling your cash, your inaction may lead to lost opportunities that are out of your control. And for that you may be judged negatively by those you serve.

Historical ebbs and flows of cash value create patterns that enable you to better understand what was and also predict what may be going forward.

The value of cash is time based. When you know the time horizon of all cash that flows in and out of your entity, the greater your ability to take advantage of the value of your cash.

Every penny of your cash has value in the marketplace, but the level of that value depends on time. The more time you have, the greater the value of your cash. By managing the time value of your cash, the more money you can make—and that is in your control.

three+one can establish a time value on all your entity’s cash—and put is control directly in your hands. Our proprietary algorithms use historical data to determine optimal liquidity and safety needs going forward. Using our liquidity data, your entity can earn greater interest income, with greater confidence.

Even when circumstances may be beyond your control, your cash will remain safe and liquid, and still earn money for your entity.

That’s what having control over time is all about.