It’s back to the future. We thought cursive handwriting was long gone, but it’s coming back as a lost art.

For those of us who are baby boomers, it started with pencils in third grade and followed with a ink pen in fourth—and then on for the rest of our lives. But over the last twenty years or so, cursive lost its meaning and usage.

Cursive is Back. So is Cash.

When people stopped handwriting letters and chose quicker means to communicate—emails and texts—the die was cast. Banks, higher Ed, businesses, and even the postal service have seen far lower letter volumes, all thanks to digital technology.

But there is hope! Generation Z kids, those born after 2000, eager to communicate with their grandparents and other baby boomers, are creating a renaissance for cursive writing.

The same parallel can be made around the value of cash. For eight years, your cash earned practically nothing. As a result, the desire to even put cash to work lost its way, becoming a practice of the past.

Well now that has changed—the ability to earn revenue on your cash is back. It does need attention, but making cash a priority could enable an entity like yours to reap tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

At three+one we can tell you what the revenue potential is on your cash—all of it. We can then help you realize the full value and yield of that cash and ensure it remains legal, safe, and liquid.

One should never forget the adage “what goes around, comes around.” Cursive writing proves it and so does the value of putting your cash to work.