In a politically charged environment that has polarized our differences, there is still a world in which differences can come together.

Differences Can Come Together

That world is cash!

I doubt if you could find anyone who doesn’t want cash to be identified and lead to greater interest earnings in a rising-rate environment.

Whether it is to save or spend money, the value of cash is greater today than it was a year ago. We can all agree to that.

Using greater interest earnings on cash to pay down debt, close a budget gap, lower taxes, or cut tuition costs is good. We can all agree to that.

Clearly, cash is still king. We can all agree to that.

If you have a strong cash balance, it can lead to a better credit rating. We can all agree to that.

A greater understanding of all cash—and how to make it work harder—leads to greater control within an organization. We can all agree to that.

The stronger your balance sheet, the happier you and those you serve will be. We can agree to that.

A healthier community or more successful entity leads to better, more positive media coverage. And who doesn’t want that?

There is more cash in the public and higher Ed marketplace today than ever before in U.S. history. The ability to manage your liquidity effectively and efficiently can be a unifying message within and outside an entity or institution.

At threeplusone® we can help a public entity or higher Ed institution identify all cash and make sure it’s earning greater yield while remaining legal, safe, and liquid through financial providers. Putting all your cash to work will lead to a success story you’ll want to share.

And everyone will agree to that.