It's 11:00am. Do You Know Where Your Money Is?

It’s Monday morning and you’re catching up from the preceding week and preparing for the new one. As you review your cash flow, can you put your fingers on all your cash balances in a moment’s notice? With five different banks and maybe more than 20 bank accounts, how can you possibly know your entity’s whole cash position right now? What are you going to do? Scour through websites and bank statements and hazard a best guess?

You want a holistic picture to make disbursements and investments with total confidence. You need to capture all your liquidity data at the precise moment you need the information.

With interest rates rising, every penny of cash has a value. Today the average value of liquid funds (30 days or less) is over 1.50%—and that will continue to rise. For an entity with $5 million in cash, that equates to over $75,000 or more over a year. That’s enough to pay for a full-time position, enable staff pay raises, buy playground equipment, a new truck, a few generators. Whatever.

Can you account for every dollar that is sitting idle? At three+one, our liquidity models will find cash where others don’t see it. How do we do it? Our liquidity analysis is built on getting our “fingers into the dirt”and identifying all patterns of cash. Through a pure and independent process, we’re able to produce surprising results.

Yes, we can let you know where your cash is at any minute of the day and how it’s performing. So when those you serve ask, “Where’s all our money?” you can confidently answer that it issafe, liquid, and yielding the highest possible rate.