I thought we had reached the point at which most of the new banking regulations had been established and the pace of new pages being added to Dodd-Frank might be settling down, but then another set of major headlines hit Main Street concerning consumer banking practices at the big banks.

Just When You Thought...

Last year, I predicted that the pendulum of banking regulations would reach a point of equilibrium after Dodd-Frank reached the 20,000-page mark of new regulations. I figured by that point the authors of the new regulations would be satisfied with their imprint, while consumers and banking institutions would apply pressure against the added costs of doing business in a highly governed environment.

Well, we were just about there—and then the latest shoe dropped.

What can we expect now?

First, more banking regulations, expanded Dodd-Frank reforms, and more restrictions from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created under Dodd-Frank to protect consumers.


Just When You Thought...


Second, the issue of cross-selling internal bank products within a single institution will undergo a major overhaul. The way bankers are credited for sales, management of customer relationships, and compensation will stir up the way they service clients going forward.

Third, expect fewer, if any, introductions by your bankers to internal product partners. This may prove to be confusing or may require multiple banking relationships within a single banking institution.

Finally, expect greater verification of new account openings and/or more paperwork when establishing new services with your bank.

Whatever the case may be, the world of government regulations will surely cause the pendulum to swing to greater extremes.

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