Did you know millennials outnumber baby boomers two to one? What’s more, their influence is growing quickly and their impact will change the way a public entity and higher ed institution will exchange currency.

Technology and virtual currency will develop over the next three to five years with ease, security, and transparency—a trend that we would never have conceived as baby boomers.

Credit cards are now tied to smartphones, and the use of transmittal bands or implanted chips will be the future aligned to virtual currency.

As a baby boomer I vowed only read my newspaper in paper form, never on the computer. But I find that today my main source of news is on digital media. And this month, I made my first purchase with the swipe of my new iWatch,using Apple Pay.

What’s happening to me? Well I guess the demands of the marketplace are having the same effect on me as they did to my parents, with the evolution of credit cards and cell phones.

The customers we serve today are changing. They look and handle money differently. My best advice is to listen to the millennials. They will have a greater impact on banking than we could ever have imagined—just like we did as baby boomers.