“Those we serve” should be the number one priority and top of mind for all of us in the public or higherEd marketplace.

The need to be innovative—with fewer resources and tighter budgets—puts an enormous amount of strain on everyone involved with finances.

Priority One...

I often detect a greater concern over a vendor’s interests. You needn’t worry; vendors know how to protect their own business interests. I offer this advice as a business owner, public official, and as a former bank market president.

In today’s marketplace, finding additional sources of revenue should be the primary goal in serving public and/or higherEd entities.

By having proactive conversations with your vendors, the ability to better address your expectations or improve pricing will likely occur. If not, a Request for Proposal may be necessary. Please note that if a RFP is in required, it must reflect goals going forward, not take a back-dated approach.

At threeplusone, our mission is to drive innovation and technology, generating new sources of income and savings to the marketplace. As a result, you will see us consistently advocating for what is right for public and higher Ed entities—and for those they serve.