As new opportunities arise so does the potential for rewards. Over the past 24 months we have seen the value of cash grow thanks to two major factors: the rise in short-term interest rates and the increased application of new technologies.

Seizing New Opportunities

Since 2016, short-term rates have gone from zero to 200 basis points, i.e., 2.00%. This substantial change can enable public entities and higher Ed institutions to garner tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in newly realized interest income.

When you couple these higher rates with the power financial institutions have as they embrace new technologies, you can see why the opportunity to better manage your cash has never been greater.

Your ability to seize this new opportunity is exactly that: new. If asked why an organization had not done it sooner, the reason is simply that the opportunity did not exist—especially when the interest earned on cash was very low or non-existent.

At threeplusone®, we help public entities and higher Ed institutions understand what the cash they have on hand can mean in added profitability. We help them realize the full value of cash through the advanced technology now offered by their financial institutions. By applying the latest innovations in liquidity management, we’re helping our clients command better control and accountability of their cash. And that can mean thousands of dollars in unexpected income, month after month.

We see exciting days ahead in liquidity and cash management. The ability to seize these opportunities will lead to a better financial future for your organization and those you serve.