The link between Safety and Yield is Liquidity. That is why you see Safety, Liquidity, and Yield commonly bonded together in federal, state, and local investment guidelines.

Here is a simple, straightforward way to see how each of these supports one another:

Liquidity Analysis by three+one®Safety is where your financial institutions come in. Your bank provides the necessary services that protect and collateralize deposits, while offering a full array of other financial services and technologies—along with a welcome level of comfort and assurances.

Yield is what one is willing to pay for your dollars in the marketplace, given time and the need for cash.

Liquidity is the link of providing your entity with the timing of when it actually needs the dollars to pay for either expected or unexpected expenses.

Liquidity analysis and data provides you, your financial institutions, and the marketplace the precise information necessary to achieve Safety, Liquidity, and Yield.

three+one® offers public entities a level of liquidity analysis and data expertise that’s unparalleled in today’s fintech space. We’re here to help your entity make the most of every dollar, every day.