Over the past two years, we have seen our partners experience operational challenges that most folks would say could not have been planned for. The data we provided to these entities led to well-developed strategic plans, enabling them to maximize the value of their liquidity in any market condition.

Clearly, we were on the right track.

Here are just three examples:

cashvest On the Right TrackA New York State county: A comprehensive treasury-services review allowed its finance office to evaluate their banks on an “apples-to-apples” basis and streamline their service arrangements. This effort led to $299,000 in fee savings.

A Pennsylvania county: Prior to its relationship with three+one®, the entity felt it could practicably invest no more than $30.5 million. The cashvest® data we provided showed the county’s finance officers they could confidently invest $83.1 million. Before our assistance, they were earning only 81% of peer benchmarks. Now, using cashVest liquidity management and data, the county is outperforming benchmarks by 3500%.

A South Carolina city: During Q2 of 2021, the city’s effective interest rate on funds was earning a net yield of 0.59%. It should be noted that the federal benchmark during this same period was just .016%. Thanks to cashvest® data, this city’s finance officials can tell its stakeholders that their management practices are exceeding benchmarks by a whopping 3587%.

You will often hear our teammates say, “Nothing bad will come from planning.” Our track record of results confirms that message.

We’d like to help you and your entity on the Pathway to Recovery®.