As a business owner, treasurer of a public authority, and a trustee of a University, I have written blogs, articles and editorials around the changing landscape of banking for public and higher education institutions.

In today’s marketplace of divided politics, nationally or internationally, the public is unhappy – one way or another.

It is apparent that the public is expecting more for what they receive in return. If they are feeling disillusioned, then expect the unexpected at the ballot box, through social media or on the streets.

Given the fast pace of technology and rapid flows of communication, what was accepted in the past can no longer be accepted as a common practice.

This is what the public expects:

1.) Accountability

2.) Performance

3.) Money In My Pocket Results

4.) Us First

5.) Protection

6.) Accessibility

7.) Ease

8.) Global Outlook

9.) Straight Talk

10.) Peace of Mind

Each of these represent a strong feeling throughout America and if you are not hearing these words, then the words “anger & frustration” will surface.

The public is expecting more through a “loud and clear” voice. Those who serve the public and higher ed sectors, internally or externally, need to be cognizant of the public’s sentiment, while operating in more challenging financial times.

Government and higher ed tend to move slowly due to process or bureaucracy. Please know that while it may have been acceptable in the past, it is not today. The public’s patience and nerves are “shot”, and they are not bashful in voicing their displeasure over higher taxes or tuition hikes without added value.

For those officials  that are proactively pushing for change and innovation in managing public funds- the public thanks you, For those officials that are locked into the “status quo”, then it’s time to reflect and embrace what the public expects. If you do not, be prepared for the unexpected.