The waltz, when in symmetry with two partners, can be a beautiful dance of elegance to watch. The steps are orchestrated in a direction of movement that allows each partner to feel a sense of ease and in step with each other as onlookers watch with pleasure.

Banking, while far older than the waltz, should be just as pleasurable. But in today’s world of more regulations and tougher legal requirements, the ability to partner up and move with ease has become a real challenge.

Will You Join Me For A Waltz?

It may be time to step back and consider the following:

First, find a banking partner that is in step with you. It takes two. Remember that someone needs to take the lead. At times, it may be your turn; at others, it may be your banker’s.

Second, it takes practice. New regulations and technology require time to implement; that requires patience and the need to communicate. When your banker calls, return the phone call. The same is expected of the banker if you initiate the call.

Third, if you are rusty or don’t know where to start, ask for help. Call three+one. We are always available to help you. Between the banks, associations, and other public and Higher Ed entities, there are many resources to tap into for support.

Fourth, you may step on a few toes, but that is expected. If you cannot get in step with your partner, then try to figure out why. Do not assume. If it just doesn’t seem to be the right fit then consider a new partner. Just remember that it takes two, and you’re one of them.

Fifth, don’t forget to have fun, even given the missteps. If you make your banking relationship look easy, others will want to follow, join in, and take your lead.

While the waltz may be an old dance, it provides the basic structure to more complicated dances.

At three+one we work with public entities, Higher Ed institutions, and banks to strengthen banking relationships. Our unique experience in each of these sectors enables us to provide support you may not find anywhere else.

So if you need help, call us. We’re here for you and your bank.