Treasurer Walls is putting Beaufort County's tax dollars to work.

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It is an honor to highlight the incredible work Beaufort County (SC) Treasurer, Maria Walls, CPA, is doing for her community with the support of the cashVest program. As a long-time client of three+one, she has truly embraced putting the cashVest liquidity data to work, and has already generated $5.2 million for her community in 2024!


We reached out to Treasurer Walls about this incredible accomplishment and she stated,  “Thank you! That was last month’s investments; this month is another $1.5 MM. Couldn’t do it without you guys!

When Treasurer Walls began using the cashVest program, her community was earning an average of $300,000 annually from their investments. Now, just four years later, Treasurer Walls is making over $1 million per month for her county, leading to over $12 million annually in investment income. Since joining the program, Treasurer Walls has generated over $39 million for the communities she serves.

Treasurer Maria Walls has been a cashVest 90+ awardee for an impressive four years straight, while also earning the prestigious National Leadership Award in 2021. Her outstanding accomplishments showcase her unwavering commitment and exceptional public stewardship–and the results speak volumes.


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