Our liquidity analysis services and future cash-flow projections benefit both you as well as your banker.

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Benefits For You and Your Banker

By William Cherry

Director of Public Partnerships at three+one®

When you are responsible for the finances of any public entity, whether it be a county, city, town, school district, or a higher Ed institution, you get to know your local bankers pretty well. It is a business partnership that, over time, often grows into a longstanding mutual friendship. 

You rely on your bank to protect the funds you have entrusted to their institution and to provide your public entity with fair-market interest earnings on all of the liquidity you have on deposit with them. You also count on your bank to provide your office with seamless, secure services on things like fund transfers, ACH and wire payments, and other important services. Your local banks, in turn, no doubt consider your entity to be one of their most important clients because of the high levels of liquidity you generally have on deposit.

Here at three+one® , we understand and respect those banking relationships. Our liquidity analysis services and future cash-flow projections benefit both you as well as your banker. How? By providing your finance office with accurate, timely data that allows you to confidently diversify a portion of your cash into longer-term investments like higher-interest Certificates of Deposit and U.S. Treasury bills. Our accurate data tells you how long every dollar of your cash will remain on deposit; that opens the door to a more balanced portfolio of short-term available cash, as well as a mix of some longer-term, secure, fixed-rate investments. And you’ll benefit by staying with your bank of choice.

It’s a win-win for both your entity as well as your banker. You put cash to work earning the highest possible interest while reducing rate-fluctuation risks. This in turn increases your non-tax revenues and lets your bank confidently put that fixed-term liquidity to work through small-business loans, home mortgages, etc. Working together in this way serves to strengthen your hometown community.

We are the nation’s leader when it comes to liquidity analysis for municipalities, school districts, and higher Ed entities. You will love what our data tells you – and so will your banker!

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