The media outlets have been inundating us all with a barrage of updates on the spread of the coronavirus and the threats it poses worldwide, including here in the U.S.

Even the threat of a pandemic with severe consequences is having rippling economic effects, over and above the mounting stresses on the medical community. As warned by CDC recently, it is not a matter of “if” but rather “when” it will become a major concern in North America.

Though the level of severity of this virus is still in limbo, what’s happening in China clearly shows the degree of havoc such an outbreak can have within a single country.  And it’s already being spread worldwide.

Whether a crisis is health related, a natural disaster, or human inflicted, the need to be prepared on a local level is essential. Being alert to warning signs can impel us to be ready for any “just-in-case” scenario.

Every public-serving entity must consider the economic and financial impact a potential crisis could have going forward. Being ready to protect, support, and care for those it serves is paramount. The responsibility on the shoulders of any public-entity leader is especially massive in time of crisis.

Managing a crisis requires precise information and the ability to address “what-if” questions. One such question is: “How many dollars do we need on hand to confront and manage our public’s needs?”

In addressing such concerns, the information provided to leaders must be with a level of confidence, so rational action steps can be taken. Any delay in the decision-making process, due to the lack of financial readiness, is not an option—especially in the public’s mind.

At three+one®, our cashvest® liquidity modeling provides a precise level of accuracy in cash that is on hand and that can be made available immediately for unexpected events. The level of data that three+one® collects enables us to provide great confidence in financial implications on an entity’s liquidity, both in “days out” or “months out” periods.

The power of cashvest®’s MC forecast modeling can provide a level of precision that is unique in the public marketplace, allowing strong confidence in making immediate decisions and actual expected outcomes.

Time is one commodity that cannot be sacrificed or wasted when it comes to addressing an emergency situation. Having accurate financial data and modeling leads to stronger crisis management and better decision making. At the same time, the confidence of knowing that one’s liquidity is being managed as an asset if such an emergency does not emerge, which demonstrates sound financial and fiduciary management.

Let the power of three+one®’s cashvest® liquidity modeling be a tool to your financial office in helping manage your entity through any “just-in-case” occurrence. The power of our liquidity data will lead to better decision making in helping those you serve when they need it the most.