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three+one® BNY Mellon Accelerator

Hitting the Fintech Accelerator with BNY Mellon

As one of the first participants in the BNY Mellon Accelerator Program, three+one® is in the unique and privileged position of benefitting from insights and ...
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Just in Case… Financially Preparing for Crises Like Coronavirus

Even the threat of a pandemic with severe consequences is having rippling economic effects, over and above the mounting stresses on the medical community.
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FinTech Security Alert: They’re Out There

Choose the right banking services that are appropriate for your entity in order to protect the public funds your office has been entrusted.
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Vlog: Investing in Public Finance Officials

In today’s vlog we discuss the importance of investing in the education of our finance officials. Professional development is vital to the success of your ...
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three+one Finance Liquidity Analysis

Anxiety + Worry = Stress

Do you ever enter your office to face a wall of anxiety and worry that results in unexpected stress, triggered by questions like: How are ...
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How to Make a Fair Comparison

A couple of weeks ago, a government banker was voicing frustration after learning that her bank lost a Request for Proposal (RFP) bid to another ...
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$13,801 to $147,000+ in 11 months

In less than one year (from November 30, 2016 to October 31, 2017) the City of Beaufort, South Carolina, with an annual budget of about ...
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Is it Time to Act?

Last week Joe Rulison discussed the need to request a higher earnings credit rate (ECR) from your banks. As noted, the Fed Funds Target Rate ...
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Liquidity Analysis Holds the Key

$20,000 to over $430,000 $50,000 to over $800,000 $7,000 to over $57,000 $45,000 to over $540,000 it goes on and on…. The proof is in ...
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What’s Next? Part II

Can an entity be financially prepared for the unexpected disruption of its operations due to a natural disaster or another unfortunate occurrence? The answer is ...
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