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Artificial Intelligence: How to Stay Competitive in the Banking World

When I think about artificial intelligence (AI) my mind quickly races to thoughts of a sci-fi, like future with driverless cars and C-3PO type robots ...
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Artificial Intelligence: I Am Talking to Whom?

Have you ever conversed with a machine? Would you know if you had? Artificial Intelligence is one of those big research and development areas in ...
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It’s Real Money

Consider these annual increases to one’s bottom line: +$325,000, +$750,000, and + $1,100,000. These levels of added income are “real money” that our clients have ...
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Trumping Dodd-Frank

At the end of December, I listed ten predictions for 2017. Prediction number four stated the following: “The Dodd-Frank book will be closed for new ...
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Investment Policy Statement

During the month of January, three+one is publishing a five-week Winter Blog Series to discuss the five different categories of our cashVest® score. Every three+one liquidity analysis includes a cashVest score to establish a ...
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