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three+one cashVest Rick Storey Testimonial

#NCGM-Commitment to Financial Excellence: A Collaborative Journey in Washington County, TN.

Trustee Rick Storey details how cashVest is helping his county make great financial strides for the taxpayers of Washington County, TN.
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National County Government Month: Caddo Parish, Moving #ForwardTogether

The hallmark of Barnett and Bryant’s leadership is their unwavering dedication to collaboration. Recognizing the power of collective effort, they have fostered a culture of ...
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National County Government Month: Jones County’s Collaborative Success

The success story of Jones County exemplifies the power of collaboration, innovation, and effective financial management in driving progress at the county level.
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three+one Kitty Crow Testimonial

National County Government Month: Chautauqua County, Bringing Benefits to the Taxpayers

Director Crow and County Executive Wendel embody the #ForwardTogether mission of emphasizing connection, inspiration, and leadership as the foundation of trusted, solution-oriented county government.
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2024 National County Government Month (#NCGM)

April is National County Government Month (#NCGM)! 
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