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The Direction Is Still Up

What are your plans to protect your budget against inflation in a rising-rate environment?
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three+one higherEd Partnerships, Heze Simmons, Director

Heze Simmons: Sustained Public Value for HigherEd

As CFO of a public community college, and subsequently a private university, Heze Simmons advanced the partnership between these higherEd institutions and three+one.
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three+one Liquidity vs. Cashflow

Discover 73% More Cash

A liquidity analysis lets you take advantage of up to 73% more cash vs. what a simple cashflow analysis would tell you.
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The Day Will Come

Imagine a reporter asking how you managed your public entity's ARPA & reserve funds with interest rates over 5%—with cashVest you can confidently answer.
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cashvest Pioneer Award Douglas County

Douglas County—A True Pioneer

Douglas County, NE is the recipient of three+one®'s Pioneer Award for being the very first county in the nation to put cashVest® to work.
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