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Happy Independence Day 2023

As we celebrate Independence Day this year, our team at three+one thanks you for the public service you provide to your community.

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Is Your Cash/Time Balance Correct?

Is your public entity’s cash/time investment balance correct? Are you putting your funds where they are working the hardest for you and your taxpayers?

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cashVest On the Road: PA County Treasurers Association

It was our pleasure to connect with so many public officials at the 74th Annual County Treasurers Association of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania conference in Harrisburg.

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three+one provides actionable insights

Start with Data. Finish with Actionable Insights.

Confidently know you have a partner to provide you data that can better inform your actions as a finance expert.

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Maria Walls, CPA Beaufort County, SC three+one advocate

It Only Gets Better

Treasurer Walls has truly shown us that the management and growth of cash can only get better when managed proactively. Her county is making over $1 million per month, leading to over $12 million annually in investment income.

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GFOA Annual three+one

cashVest On the Road: GFOA Annual Conference 2023

It was our pleasure to connect with so many public officials from across the nation at the 2023 GFOA Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon.

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What is Expected of You

Diversification is certainly a key to unlocking higher earnings over the long haul. Do you have the right plan for your finance office?

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cashVest by three+one Turn Your Investment Strategy from Passive to Active

Take Investment Strategy From Passive to Active

With cashVest’s data, your finance office can maximize earnings with an active strategy to benefit taxpayers & stakeholders.

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Off Track – Part II

Looking back on our 2023 predictions, this week we will focus on what is “off track,” and how maximizing the value of your cash is still key.

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three+one 2023 Predictions On Track

On Track – Part I

Looking back on our 2023 financial market predictions, this week we will focus on what is “on track.”

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cashVest Safety Liquidity Yield three+one

It Is Not Just About Yield

The public trilogy of cash is Safety, Liquidity, and Yield. They’re all interlocked, yet each must stand on its own.

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Smart Tech Means Smart Finance

AI and chatGPT may be dominating the news, but cashVest is the smart FinTech tool your public entity really needs right now.

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