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three+one cashVest Committment to You & Those You Serve

Our Commitment Is To You And Those You Serve

Our commitment to you—both individually and as a team—is to exceed your expectations.
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cashVest by three+one: Ian Coyle Livingston County NY

cashVest Spotlight: Dr. Ian Coyle + LinkedIn Drawing

Dr. Ian Coyle delivered an impactful presentation about the staffing challenges that public entities are experiencing nationwide.
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Building Stronger Foundations: Our 1000 Islands Offsite Adventure

Our offsite was a strategic move to fortify our bonds as a team and enhance our ability to serve our clients with excellence.
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three+one cashVest Rick Storey Testimonial

cashVest Spotlight: Trustee Rick Storey

Trustee Rick Storey details how cashVest is helping his county make great financial strides for the taxpayers of Washington County, TN.
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Jasper County Treasurer Report three+one cashVest

Three Months Into The Job As A Treasurer

Watch Jasper County Treasurer, Mike Skinner, deliver his impactful first report to the County Council with his office aided by cashVest.
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The Most Ever

Remember the adage “Make hay while the sun shines, so you have it to survive on during the rainy days.”  Cash shouldn’t be considered one ...
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Electrifying Your Liquidity

You have the “power” to generate more revenue on all your cash with the fuel of liquidity analysis & data.
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cashVest Spotlight: Treasurer Terri Ross

cashVest Spotlight: Treasurer Terri Ross

Treasurer Ross uses the Treasury Services module of the cashVest portal to stay fully informed about her banking fees.
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The Direction Is Still Up

What are your plans to protect your budget against inflation in a rising-rate environment?
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three+one higherEd Partnerships, Heze Simmons, Director

Heze Simmons: Sustained Public Value for HigherEd

As CFO of a public community college, and subsequently a private university, Heze Simmons advanced the partnership between these higherEd institutions and three+one.
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three+one Liquidity vs. Cashflow

Discover 73% More Cash

A liquidity analysis lets you take advantage of up to 73% more cash vs. what a simple cashflow analysis would tell you.
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The Day Will Come

Imagine a reporter asking how you managed your public entity's ARPA & reserve funds with interest rates over 5%—with cashVest you can confidently answer.
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