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Where Do I Start?

Last week I blogged about a big shift of bank deposits to U.S. Treasuries. Treasuries are safe, collateralized, liquid, and can provide a higher yield ...
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The Fed Wants You…

The U.S. wants you to buy U.S. Treasuries, much like we all bought Saving Bonds back in the 1940s. One theory that is surfacing is ...
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Just When You Thought…

I thought we had reached the point at which most of the new banking regulations had been established and the pace of new pages being ...
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Will You Join Me For A Waltz?

The waltz, when in symmetry with two partners, can be a beautiful dance of elegance to watch. The steps are orchestrated in a direction of ...
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Expensive Pieces of Paper

Did you know the average cost of issuing and awarding a Request for Proposal (RFP) for banking services, using internal resources, is… $45,000? At that ...
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“Mikey likes it!”

Do you remember that famous commercial back in the 1970s with three brothers and a big box of Life cereal? Neither of the two older ...
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A Fed Merry-Go-Round

Please let me off—I’m getting dizzy! That is how I feel about the Federal Reserve’s approach to managing Fed fund rates. And I don’t think ...
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Early Adopter to Early Majority

Venmo, Loop Pay, Apple Pay—been there, done that, right? But most people haven’t yet. I used Apple Pay the other night at Kohl’s. Certainly I ...
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What is Basel III?

The regulations imposed on the banking industry in the years following the 2008 financial crisis are extremely convoluted in the eyes of some experienced financiers, ...
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A Hard Conversation

This is the final part of three+one’s Summer Blog Series . As there are five Tuesdays in August, I will be addressing the top five ...
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To RFP, or not to RFP…

This is the fourth part of three+one’s Summer Blog Series . As there are five Tuesdays in August, I will be addressing the top five questions the ...
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Safety, Liquidity, and Yield- Really!

———————————————- Have you seen we have a new web address? Our website is now live at! Our emails have changed too! ———————————————- This is ...
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