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Desktop or Mobile: Do I Have to Choose?

Do you make purchases on your desktop computer when you’re sitting in your office? Or do you shop via some app on your smartphone? When ...
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Top Five Cash Tips

This is a continuation of our blog from last week, “Cash is Not Just Cash”. Read it here. 1.) Consider all cash as an asset that has ...
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Cash is Not Just Cash

Over the last two weeks, I have had conversations with two different finance committees to discuss their liquidity and cash flow needs. The conversations varied. ...
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Where’s the Savings?

With the transitioning from traditional to electronic banking, one might ask where the savings are in my total banking relationship? While the overhead costs of ...
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First, Do No Harm

“First, Do No Harm” sums up the Hippocratic Oath, the one historically taken by physicians to ensure their patients’ overall health. Fulfilling this oath requires ...
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Let Your Deposits Become an Asset, Not a Liability

In case you missed our January 1st blog, public non-operating deposits became an even greater liability to your bank due to a new Liquidity Coverage ...
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Millennials Impact On Banking

Did you know millennials outnumber baby boomers two to one? What’s more, their influence is growing quickly and their impact will change the way a public entity ...
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What’s Your Relationship Status?

The fact is, if many finance officials were asked how they would describe their banking relationship status today, they would respond with “it’s complicated.” Indeed, ...
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The Tale of Two RFPs

If you have gone through the RFP process you know how challenging it can be. It takes time, many people, time, lots of paper… …and ...
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KYC- They Will Ask…

It really struck me … I got a note in the mail by my bank asking me to stop by my local branch so they ...
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Banking Trends Top 10 Banking Trends of 2016

  #10 The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act of 2010 will exceed 17,000 pages. #9 The Federal Reserve will move short-term interest rates up slowly ...
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Stuffing Your Stocking With Cash

Starting on January 1, 2016, banks will be required to distinguish between client deposits that are “operating” and “non-operating” for the purpose of a new ...
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